Ab Lifter Plus

by Kathy Smith

Ab Lifter Plus

The Ab Lifter Plus not only works all the abdominal muscles, it trims the waistline, tones the oblique and it sculpts the gluteus maximus (buttocks). It is also very effective working the shoulders, pecks and upper torso while it strengthens your core muscle structures. The patent-pending technology that makes the Ab Lifter Plus revolutionary to the Ab-market, is the unique life-assist mechanism that actually makes the hardest part of exercising easy. It helps get you through the non-productive "sticking" point so that you can concentrate your efforts on the real muscle groups more effeciently. The Ab Lifter Plus is a great way to get in shape and stay in shape, order your Ab Lifter Plus today.

Product includes:

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Ab Lifter Plus

Ab Lifter Plus

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