Doggy Steps

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There's nothing more heartbreaking than watching your pet struggle to climb onto the couch due to old age or injury. With Doggy Steps, you and your best friend's worries are over! This simple design fits right against the front of your sofa and gives your pet easy access to the couch and maybe even your lap!

As dogs and cats get older they suffer from the same aches and pains as humans do and they are unable to maintain the same range of motion and strength that they once had. The Doggy Steps can go a long way towards helping your dog or cat continue to lead a normal and enjoyable life into his or her golden years.

Not only are Doggy Steps perfect for helping your dog onto the couch or sofa, they are lighweight and portable enough to take with you into the bedroom to help your dog get onto the bed. They also work well for helping your pet get into cars and trucks! Not only do the Doggy Steps help alleviate some discomfort for your pet, they also might help alleviate some of your own aches and pains from constantly bending over to pick them up!


Doggy Steps

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Doggy Steps

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Doggy Steps

Doggy Steps

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