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Joy Mangano

Huggable Hangers Joy Mangano



Double, triple, even quadruple your closet space with Huggable Hangers. These slim, soft, velvety hangers prevent clothes from slipping. The gentle curves of the hangers preserve the shoulder shape of your clothes. They have a long brass hook are lightweight and virtually unbreakable. Huggable Hangers are plush and velvety enough for the most delicate fabrics, yet strong enough for the heaviest coat. Only 1/4" thick they take up barely any space in the closet.

Product includes: 84 Piece Set includes 60 Huggable Hangers, (30 Suit/Slack + 30 Shirt/Dress), 4 Huggable Hooks, (Velvety hook keeps clothing hanging neatly in place; wont slip off), 12 Finger Clips, (Finger clips hold skirts, pants, men's slacks, shorts….even children's clothing securely in place), 1 Shoebag, (Soft sided hanging shoe organizer with 8 spacious sections), 1 Four-Bar Huggable Hanger (4 tiers, accommodates 4 skirts or pairs of slacks on one thin hanger - saves space!).

Bonus Includes: 1 Additional Shoebag, 1 Additional Four-Bar Huggable Hanger, and 4 Dustcovers.

Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee! (less S&H)


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Huggable Hangers

Huggable Hangers

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