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The Ped Egg is a revolutionary foot callous removal product that gently exfoliates the tough, dead skin from your feet without the discomfort associated with traditional foot files. Unlike other files that can cause aches and pains in your hands as well as your feet, the ped egg utilizes a comfortable, ergonomic design that fits perfectly into the palm of your hand to ensure a more efficient grip. You won't have to worry about constantly dropping the pedegg or shifting your grip while scrubbing your feet. Because of this design, you can even use the Ped-Egg straight out of the shower when wet hands would traditionally make it difficult to grip the product tightly.

In addition to the ergonomic and comfortable design, the PedEgg also features a convenient storage compartment that collects the skin shavings. Instead of having a mess to clean up, you can simply open the compartment and dump the shavings into the garbage. It's easy, there's no mess, and your feet will feel terrific!

You can also order the Deluxe Ped-Egg Platinum Pro that comes in an attractive, platinum gray color and features even more stainless steel microfiles than the original. With your order, you also receive the PedEgg guarantee that this will be the last pedicure product you'll ever need or PedEgg will replace it for free! You'll also receive 10 emery pads that are manufactured to work seamlessly with the Delux Ped Egg Platinum Pro as well as the number one selling foot cream in the U.S.--the Miracle Foot Repair Cream.


Original Ped-Egg

Only $10
plus $6.99 s/h

30 day money back guarantee!

Deluxe Ped-Egg Platinum Pro

Only $29.98
plus $13.98 s/h

30 day money back guarantee!



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