Urban Rebounding

Urban Rebounding Exercise

Bounce, Build, and Burn! The Urban Rebounding System was developed by JB Berns and is the powerful total body workout that is in nearly 3,000 health clubs worldwide (Bally's, Crunch, Equinox, Gold's, New York Sports Clubs, Sports Club of LA, and the YMCA's, to name a few). Now you can do Urban Rebounding in your own home. In just 20 minutes a day, 3 times a weeks, the Urban Rebounding Workout melts pounds and fat away. And it's so much fun it's the first exercise you'll actually look forward to! It also improves your balance and coordination, which is good news for athletes and seniors. In proper form, your feet barely leave the surface. You don't jump high, you jump strong. And First Timers can use the Training Bar until they get the hand of it, like training wheels on a bicycle. Choose DVD or VHS. As a special offer, if you choose the 1 Pay Option, you'll receive a free video, Interval Bound. (No P. O Boxes Orders Please.)




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Urban Rebounding

Urban Rebounding

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Urban Rebounding

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