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Clever Clasp Deluxe Guaranteed to Grip and Never Slip

Forget about fumbling around behind your neck trying to get that clasp to fasten. With the Clever Clasp system, the patented magnet makes it easy. The Clever Clasp works with any necklace, bracelet or anklet and is strong enough to hold even the heaviest necklace together.

Because the system uses magnets instead of a standard clasp, you don’t have to worry about trying to fit tiny parts together–you just have to get the two magnets close enough together to lock. The Clever Clasp is therefore perfect for ladies with longer fingernails or with limited vision.

The Clever Clasp is also great for those that simply need to add a bit more length to a necklace as it can add up to three inches if needed. Do you have a necklace that’s just a bit too tight around your neck? Well the Clever Clasp will solve that problem quickly and easily! The product comes with 4 silver and 4 gold clasps and 1 silver and 1 gold extender chain.

If you want a bit more security for an expensive necklace or heirloom, try the Clever Clasp Deluxe that features a special locking mechanism that offers more peace of mind. Also, when you order the Clever Clasp Deluxe, you’ll receive a jewelry organizer absolutely free!

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